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Development and future prospects

  • As a result of the modernization of the VILARIS company in recent years, the production base has turned into the largest logistics hub for transshipment of diesel fuel and methanol.

  • Our enterprise is characterized not only by the presence of modern equipment, including a modern tank farm, a developed system of technological connections, a modern multi-overpass, high-precision measuring devices, a modern quality control system at every stage, a network of our own railway sidings, but also by the presence of a staff of highly qualified specialists.

  • In the long term, the development of the enterprise for 2021-2030. the construction of a park for the storage of LPG is being considered, as well as the possibility of modernization for the acceptance of aromatic hydrocarbons and the construction of sites for storage, transshipment and packing of bulk cargo.

  • The company carries out both export and import of goods, considering the possibility of transshipment of all types of goods at specialized sites with free storage of goods for up to 30 working days, and being in the zones of FEZ, ZTK and STZ makes us the most competitive and in demand in the logistics chain.

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